In this important book — a map, cathartic tool, and smart how-to rolled into one — women of every ilk and belief will find a sensitive, learned, and original guide for the post-abortion process.

MS Magazine May/June 1997

Some women know they must grieve for what they lost. Others wrongly imagine that because it was their choice to abort, they don’t need to pause to explore buried pain. Both groups are meant to benefit from “The Healing Choice‘…

Bettijane Levine, Los Angeles Times

De Puy and Dovitch break the silence about post-abortion suffering.

Republican-American, Waterbury, CT

Most books written for women post-abortion have a conservative Christian perspective.  This valuable addition to the field does not make assumptions about readers’ views and is written for those who suffer guilt for religious or other reasons. A very readable work; well recommended for all public libraries.

Barbara O’Hara, Free Lib. of Philadelphia

People have been coming into GAIA for as long as the owner can remember, requesting information and suggestions regarding this topic. We finally feel that this book is the proper response.

Jen Loy, Gaia Bookstore, Berkeley, CA

[The Healing Choice] encourages the reader to look at abortion as a meaningful event that can give insight and depth to her life when it is understood.

Lucy Alarid, LCSW, California Society for Clinical Social Work Journal

Does the abortion you had stop you from being happy? Here’s a must read that shows you how to release guilt and shame, examine feelings and address issues, and move on with your life!

Nita Vallens, MFCC, KPFK Radio Host: “Feminist Magazine”

Abortion reaches deep, deep into the heart and touches on mysteries we will never fully appreciate and understand. THE HEALING CHOICE offers sensitive, effective ways for men and women to deal with abortion in their lives, focusing on subtle themes of the heart. More than anything, whatever our judgements or opinions may be, we need compassion, and this book‘s chief virtue is its compassion. Like a compassionate and intelligent therapist, it guides a woman through the memories and emotions that can send waves of disturbance into a life for years. I honor the courage and sensitivity of its authors who demonstrate rare wisdom in an age of hysteria.

Thomas Moore, Author of Care of the SoulSoul Mates and The Soul of Sex

The Healing Choice is an important work, sensitive to both sides of the abortion controversy.

Howard Zinn, Ph.D., Author of The People’s History of the United States

Women [and men) everywhere will be helped by the information in this book.  I know of no topic that cries out for healing more than the personal experience of choosing abortion.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

If an abortion has wounded you, choose the path to healing and read this book You can become strong at the broken places.

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles