Healing, Acceptance and Peace

As an adult, the normal feelings you experience over the action you have taken, become signals beckoning you to explore your motivations and feelings about your choice: they are a message from your inner Self. It is common for women to feel myriad emotions coming up in their lives by an unplanned pregnancy and abortion. When they are recognized and expressed constructively, they can be transformative. Women may hesitate to mourn their terminated pregnancies because they chose their loss — maybe including the loss of a relationship or opportunity — not just the loss of the embryo. Acknowledging this and other emotions puts you on a path toward peace. The Healing Choice: Your Guide to Recovery After an Abortion includes journal exercises to help you explore your inner life and find acceptance.

Acceptance and growing from this experience in your life is core to your well-being and health. It can be found in many things:

  • Accept the reasons you made the choice at the time.
  • Accept that you may wish that you had handled aspects of the situation differently.
  • Accept your losses accompanying the experience.
  • Accept the meaning of your abortion in your life.
  • Accept the changes made to your self-knowledge.
  • Acknowledge the growth steps you have taken.